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Comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there – Anonymus.

Insanity is performing the same actions over & over again & expecting different results – Albert Einstein.

Do you want to keep growing forever?

Do you want to be free from the bondage of time?

Do you want to have Happier, More Fulfilling & Perfectly Balanced Relationships?

Do you need to talk to someone who is willing to listen & be partner in your Journey?

If your answer to the above questions is a big & emphatic YES, then read on.

Congratulations!!! You have taken the first step to unlocking your hidden potential & launching yourself into the new uncharted territory of high growth. Move Ahead in Life & Beyond your current Horizon. Challenge your comfort zone & script new Successes for yourself.

This is a high voltage, action oriented, Group Coaching program aimed at your growth & success beyond measure. It will help you achieve even more success by broadening your vision, reaffirming positive values for you & giving you tools that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Conducted at an off-site location, at Pune, over 16 highly focused hours spread over a weekend i.e. 2 days, this is a personal contact program targeted at successful Entrepreneurs interested in getting hold of the vehicle to ultimate growth. Each of the participants will also get personal, online coaching support for 45 minutes each for 8 weeks to ensure that they are well on the way to Write their own Destiny.

For the program to run effectively, it requires minimum of 12 & maximum of 20 participants. This high value program is being delivered at an amazingly low investment of Rs. 28,000 per participant inclusive of morning tea, executive working lunch & afternoon high tea during 2 days of the contact period.

Please fill in & submit your details in the form below to register. Proceed to pay a token amount of Rs 3,000 to indicate your commitment to the program. Upon registration you will get a confirmation mail from us. A new batch of the program starts once the required number of participants register. You will be notified of the start date accordingly. Please ensure that you mention ‘Write Your Own Destiny’ against the subject line in the registration form.


Anil probed with deep thought, when I was stuck at some point finding an appropriate answer to a question asked to me by himself about my life. This helped me effectively to find out the answer for the same. It was a very satisfying experience with Coach Anil.

Mr. Anish Shetty, Maitree Outdoor catering March 23, 2017

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