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Coaching is a co-creative, experiential process leading to unlocking an individual’s potential to maximize his/her performance in any sphere of life. It is helping individuals learn rather than teaching them.

Coaching is an umbrella term for the process of developing people’s skills and abilities, boosting their performance, and dealing with issues and challenges before they become major problems. The meaning of coaching has evolved over the past few decades. Today, Coaching is seen as an essential tool of making a bigger impact on the lives of everyone be it an Executive, a Student, a Housewife or just about anybody.


Coaching helps an individual to;
– Achieve desired results,
– Realize goals quickly,
– Improve relationships,
– Uplift performance,
– Kick addictions,
– Make lasting changes to life,
– Find way forward from a stuck situation,
– Find creative solutions to different situations,
– Overcome barriers in personal / professional life,


Coaching is conducted mostly over phone. It does not require the coach & the client to come face to face unless the need is felt.


The duration of coaching depends on the client’s needs assessed by the coach. Historically, coaching programs last anywhere between 9 to 24 sessions for complete transformation. Each of the sessions, typically, is spread over 60 to 70 minutes & they are ideally separated by a maximum of 10-12 days.

My Process

Unlike many other Coaching programs in the market, our coaching programs are quicker with a fast track, proven method we have been using. We follow a 4-stage process wherein we work closely with you partnering in your journey towards your goal.

Stage 1: Understand your life purpose, issues& goals

Stage 2: Explore your current situation, obstacles in your way & resources in context with your goals

Stage 3: Help freeze your action plan & commitment to it

Stage 4: Evaluate your progress.

The entire process has been designed within the framework laid down by International Coach Federation.
It is a highly effective process with assured results for you.

Our model of coaching is ‘TOP ACT’ which is an acronym for:

Topic : This is where I explore the topic you want to discuss.

Outcome : This is the specific goal you want to achieve.

Probing deep : Where do you stand currently with context to your goal?

What are the roadblocks you are facing?

What are the resources available/required to overcome the roadblocks?

Action Plan : I help you frame your action plan towards your desired outcome.

Commitment : You re-affirm your commitment to the goal.

Track Progress : How much have you moved forward towards your goal?

‘TOP ACT’ is a well designed& proven model of Coaching which has benefited many.


Anil probed with deep thought, when I was stuck at some point finding an appropriate answer to a question asked to me by himself about my life. This helped me effectively to find out the answer for the same. It was a very satisfying experience with Coach Anil.

Mr. Anish Shetty, Maitree Outdoor catering March 23, 2017

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