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Nirvana is not the blowing out of the candle. It is extinguishing of the flame because day is come.

Rabindranath Tagore.

The thought manifests as the Word; The word manifests as the Deed;

The Deed develops into the Habit; And Habit hardens into Character.

So, watch the thought & its ways with care & let it spring from Love born out of concern for all Beings. As the Shadow follows the Body, as we think, so we become.

Gautam Buddha.

Ever gave a thought to what is your Life Purpose? When will you achieve it? How will you go about it?

Majority of the people in this world may not be aware of their Life Purpose. As a result, most keep floating sideways in the melee of life & keep drifting where life takes them. Only a handful few try to discover their life purpose & to reach it as early as possible leading them to freedom they have not experienced before. These are the people who achieve their Nirvana & live a totally fulfilled life. Everything of virtue just pours into their lives in abundance.

This program revolves around a ten point agenda that brings to you the secrets to achieve the following;

  • Discover your period purpose, your vision,
  • Discover your life purpose, your mission,
  • Find ways to live a meaningful life reconciled to others’ role in your life & vice a versa,
  • Learn tools to remove your internal fears,
  • Understand & practice the principles of abundance,
  • Inspire yourself & others around you & remain in the zone forever,
  • Develop positive thoughts by practicing affirmations & visualizations,
  • Develop strong actions to move ahead towards your life goals & fulfillment of your life purpose,
  • Achieve Your Nirvana.

This program is meant for those like you who are highly focused & serious about living a meaningful, purpose driven life & ultimately achieve Nirvana. If you have even an iota of doubt about your focus & ability to complete this program, please refrain from registering. Conducted on a one to one basis, this personal contact program spans 30 weeks.

This amazing & life changing program is being offered to you for an investment as low as Rs 75,000 per participant. What is more, you have the option of paying this amount in 3 equal installments of Rs 26,000 each (i) at the time of registration, (ii) prior to the 10th week & (iii) prior to 20th week stages. To enable you to participate from anywhere in the world, this program will be conducted using virtual meeting room.

Please fill in & submit your details in the form below to register. Proceed to make the payment. Upon registration you we will receive all the relevant information about the program & how you can make best use of it to change your life for better.


Anil probed with deep thought, when I was stuck at some point finding an appropriate answer to a question asked to me by himself about my life. This helped me effectively to find out the answer for the same. It was a very satisfying experience with Coach Anil.

Mr. Anish Shetty, Maitree Outdoor catering March 23, 2017

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